At Cobra, our department’s mission is to “have a reputation for providing superior customer service, responsiveness, and expertise in repair and maintenance throughout the Northwest with a goal of developing long term business relationships that result in referrals.”

If you have opened the phone book or searched online for roofing or siding contractors, then you are aware that finding a contractor is as easy as finding a gas station.  At Cobra we know that to be the best we must make every customer our highest priority.  We provide the best value to customers for three reasons.
Superior Service
  1. Our experts take the time to listen and understand your needs and expectations.
  2. We make safety the first part of our plan.
  3. We will be in constant communication with our customers before, during, and after our work is complete.
  4. Our crews take pride in their craftsmanship and the job they leave behind.
  5. It is our expectation that we will leave a clean work area and show the utmost care for your entire facility.
  1. We have someone available 24 hours a day.
  2. Our crews will be there first.  We have the manpower available to meet even the most demanding issues.
  3. When we show up our professionals know the steps to get right to the bottom of an issue.
  4. We will never leave someone “hanging” because we know that you need a solution right away.
  1. We have been serving the Northwest for over 25 years.
  2. We have a diverse group of experts that work together to solve even the most challenging technical issues.
  3. Our network of manufacturer’s, consultants, architects, engineers, and contractors provides our customer with the resources to “get it done right”.
For most business owners the only time they are concerned with their roof is when it leaks. Do you only change the oil on your car when it leaks? Like a car, to get the most life out of a roof it must be maintained properly through proactive measures. Unfortunately, no roofing system lasts forever so our goal is to make it last as long as possible.
If you have a new or old roof under warranty then you owe it to yourself to read Cobra’s responses to some frequently asked questions below:
Q  My building has a 20-year warranty, so why do I need a Cobra Maintenance Plan?
A  To ensure your warranty terms and conditions remain valid for the life of the warranty.  Most manufacturers clearly state that the warranty will become null and void if the owner fails to use reasonable care in maintaining the roof.  We are authorized repair specialists for most manufacturers and can provide the documentation and service to keep your warranty active.
 Why shouldn’t I just perform the roof maintenance myself and have Cobra come when I see a problem?
A  Liability and Safety.  Ladders and roofs account for thousands of injuries and deaths in the United States every year.  Cobra has the best safety record in the industry because our crews are trained, provided with the best equipment, and have a safety plan before they start work on any job.
Q  My roof is brand new.  Why should I be interested in a Cobra Maintenance Contract?
A  To ensure you receive the longest life out of your roof.  If you take care of it from the start, you will be guaranteed to receive a better return on your investment.


Your roof is one of your largest assets and unfortunately it will not last forever.  It is impossible to predict the exact lifespan of any roof because there are so many environmental factors which break your roof down over time.  Nobody wants to be surprised when their roof is in need of major repair or replacement; therefore, it is imperative that every building owner keep track of maintenance and replacement costs before they happen.  We know that every business has a unique situation in regard to cash flow, schedule, performance criteria, life span, etc.  Our goal is to listen and understand your goals and expectations and then provide you with the most practical solution.
Commonly, building owners and institutions solicit a roof consultant to evaluate their roof and make recommendations for repairs.  Many times roof consulting firms are just an extension of an architectural firm with a few people dedicated to be a “roof specialist.” Some roof consultants cover large territories which encompass a wide range of climate conditions which they are unfamiliar with.  Sometimes insurance policies or other determining factors dictate that an independent consultant must be sought.  In this case, Cobra is more than willing to refer you to a qualified, independent roof consultant.
At Cobra, our local roofing professionals have both the technical roof knowledge and real world experience that gives our customers a “common sense” approach to getting the most for your dollar.  Before you decide to pay a lot of money for a lengthy roof report from a consultant, please call a Cobra professional for a practical roof inspection report.
The most commonly asked question is “how much longer will my roof last? Unfortunately, that is never a black and white question.  The following is a list of questions we try to help you answer:
1. About how long can I repair my roof before it needs total replacement?
2. What is the expected annual cost of repairing or maintaining my roof?
3. When should I stop spending money on repair, and replace my roof?
4. Are there any refunds or tax incentives available for a roof replacement?
5. If I spend money performing major repairs, will it extend the life of my roof?
6. What is the difference between partial roof replacement and entire roof replacement for tax purposes?