Statement of Purpose
Cobra is dedicated to making Safety our number one operational priority. We believe that the health and well being of our employees and customers should take precedence at all times. We pride ourselves in going home every night knowing we have exhausted every reasonable opportunity to provide a safe work environment.

Cobra’s goal is to have a safety program that actively outlines our established high standard of safety excellence as it exists in our everyday work atmosphere. We are committed to not only having a best in class program, but living by it every day, and having the statistical results to prove it.

Safety culture starts at the top of any organization. As the owners of Cobra, we will be the driving force behind a continually improving safety program that further supports our Corporate Vision: “Our ultimate goal is to be the best company to work for.”

Eric Dix & Travis Dix - Owners
OSHA Safety Ratings
EMR: .3504
EMR: .4672
IR: 2.94
EMR: .4445
IR: 0.42
EMR: .4144
IR: 2.15
EMR: .4167
IR: 1.46
EMR: .4402
IR: 2.21
EMR: .4927
IR: 2.12