In today’s construction, nothing is more important to design than natural light. Test after test has shown the benefits that come out of natural light. Skylights and daylighting have become an integral part of the building envelope and offer more structural performance than ever before.

Today’s daylighting products offer an attractive, cost effective alternative to traditional glass products. The translucent daylighting industry is changing rapidly, and so are the options when it comes to products and applications. Cobra has the technical background to provide budgeting for any daylighting project large or small. Daylighting products are used widely for the workplace, in schools, sporting facilities, airports, hospitals, shopping centers, hotels, and more. We can help you with: custom skylights, wall lights, translucent curtain walls, decorative facades, canopies, walkway covers, or just some design flair.
Manufacturers: (Cobra is a contractor, not a product supplier, and does not want to represent that we only work with the following products.  The following are commonly used products which Cobra can install.)